Friday, 5 January 2018

GardaPat 13

Some exciting news to start 2018...
Fenner Paper are now the exclusive UK distributor of a coated paper range called GardaPat 13. Although this is a new product to us, it isn't a new paper, it has been produced for many years and is the top rated paper for use in the production of high quality photographic books by the well known publishers in Switzerland, Germany and Italy.
The paper is manufactured by Cartiere del Garda, a paper mill on the shore of Lake Garda in northern Italy.
New Gardapat 13 swatch
So what makes GardaPat 13 different to other coated paper?

To make it easy, I've summarised it in three points here:
  1. It is a genuine, dead flat matt finish.
  2. The "13" means it has a 1.3 bulk, so it feels much thicker than other coated papers.
  3. It comes in three shades, KLASSICA, KIARA and BIANKA
Simple as that, it's beautiful paper!

Gardapat BIANKA is the whitest shade in the range. The original KLASSICA has the warmest shade with KIARA having a more neutral white shade. Contrary to popular belief, studies show that using a higher white paper does not improve colour reproduction, so using a neutral white paper actually increases the colour gamut! Using a sophisticated and warm paper is pleasant for the eye to read and perfect for use both in literature for the arts and luxury brands. Both KLASSICA and KIARA are made without the use of Optical Brightening Agents (OBA’s)

The weight range is from 90gsm and goes up to 250gsm. Now many of you reading this may be thinking 250gsm isn't heavy enough but you would be wrong! This 250gsm is 325microns thick. To put it into context a normal printers 'house silk' in 300gsm is only 280microns! ...therefore GardaPat 250gsm is as bulky as a 350gsm silk!
If you would like a swatch, drop me an email
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