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...just the cover makes the difference!

Here's an interesting project which is well worth a look, because of the interesting design concept and the way the cover is used to add to the quality and feel of the whole project.
This 48pp guide was produced to accompany an international touring exhibition called Reconstruction: Cultural Heritage and Making of Contemporary Fashion. This exhibition is touring around the world and is funded by the British Council.
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Size of the publication is 210x130mm, portrait. The 48pp text is printed on a 130gsm printers "house silk" which, as you can see from the image below, is perfectly acceptable and the economical choice.
The cover however, is what really makes the difference to this publication. It is printed on ZETA, Linen, white 150gsm and I hope you'll be able to see the embossed linen texture in the image below...
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The exhibition was designed by Pippa Nissen and design studio Kellenberger-White, who produced the literature. A really interesting aspect is that Kellenberger-White also developed a new typeface in response to the theme of the exhibition. The typeface is based on an observation by Alan Fletcher who spotted a modular grid on the reverse of a Russian Post Office envelope. Kellenberger-White drew a new alphabet originating from that grid, which was previously only drawn for numbers.
The grid is reproduced on the outside back cover of the catalogue....
...and of course the use of a linen embossed paper is perfectly in keeping with the "grid" concept and makes the catalogue look and feel very special.

Inside back spread:
 A very interesting project and you can read more here:

Creative directors at Kellenberger-White are Eva Kellenberger
and Sebastian White.
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