Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Alex Dordoy - The Moss is Dreaming

Blain|Southern is a contemporary art gallery with galleries in London and Berlin. It was started in September 2010 by Harry Blain and Graham Southern, who had sold their previous gallery, Haunch of Venison, to Christie's.
Alex Dordoy was invited by Tom Morton for the first in a series of exhibitions, collectively titled “Lodger”, a new series of exhibitions at Blain|Southern, Running concurrent to the exhibitions in the central space, the series expands Blain|Southern’s programme into new territories. Alex Dordoy for his exhibition titled “The Moss is Dreaming” developed a new body of work exploring a central characteristic of 21st Century visual culture: the restlessness of the image, and the instability of the surfaces on which it manifests.
This is the catalogue for the exhibition which ended in November last year.   
This size of the catalogue is 210x148mm, portrait. It has a 4pp cover printed on Omnia white 200gsm with a 12pp text printed on Omnia 150gsm. The Omnia works superbly, tactile - lots of character but no loss of quality in the reproduction.
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A lovely feature is the use of white wire for the wire stitches (staples) - although  it's not immediately obvious why use white on the outside, but you can see why, when you see the centre spread - excellent attention to detail.
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Detail showing white wire on centre spread.
Printing is by Identity, based in Paddock Wood, Kent. The job is digitally printed using a Ricoh digital press.
Art direction and design is by Blain|Southern.

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