Thursday, 7 February 2019

Notey or Nice?

Studio Small are a London based studio, specialising in the fashion, design and luxury sectors. Every year they produce a Christmas card, but rather than just producing a a clever card, they always produce something a little unusual and hopefully useful. This last Christmas it was this lovely notepad...
The pad is A5, size and includes 80 plain leaves (160pp) on which to write.
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The cover of the pad is simply silkscreened in three colours (white ink and two fluorescents) on our Colorset, Bright Red 350gsm. The front is pictured above on the left. On the back of the pad is printed the Christmas greeting.
The pad is glued at the top - the term for this is 'glued at the head'. The text pages are using our Redeem 100% Recycled 60gsm.
The pad is bound using "Padding Glue", so the sheets can be torn off easily. The image below shows the glued head and the perfectly creased spine...
Binding is by Wayte Binding who are based in Tunbridge Wells.
Design is by Darcy Ward at Studio Small. The covers have been beautifully printed by Harvey Lloyd Screenprint, who are based in Wadhurst, East Sussex. It is worth having a look at their website for some of the great work they do for the likes of Anthony Burrill and Mr Bingo.
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