Monday, 10 August 2009

Condensed 04

Like many of you, this morning, I have received my copy of ISTD Condensed 04 in the post.

This is a good read and always something in it to inspire.

In this issue there are:

1. The Art of Lost Words - a review of an exhibition by Studio Zwei by Andreas Pohancenik.

2. Looking backwards, moving forwards an article by Michael Johnson who knits the subjects of Massimo Vignelli, shoulder pads and Akzidenz, together.

3. Peter Dawson writes about the talk given to ISTD members in June by Wim Crouwel.

4. An interview by Jonathan Doney with David Brown, sundial maker and letter cutter.

The spread above shows a job which really caught my eye. I hadn't seen it before today. It is a silksreened map of Iraq, by NB:Studio displaying the words of the speech by Donald Rumsfeld about knowns and unknowns (under the title"Embrangled") It's a very powerful piece...

And now for the paper plug! It's printed on Redeem 100% Recycled 100gsm. It's printed in single colour and shows what a beautiful solid you can get on this paper...

It is printed by Gavin Martin Associates (

If you aren't already a member, you should really think about joining - there are many benefits, this is just one!

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