Saturday, 1 August 2009

Out and about

I managed to get out of the office this week and went to see John Dowling who is based in Newark in Nottinghamshire.

I first met John when he was working at Pentagram in John Rushworth's team and since then he's worked with Sea and Vince Frost before setting up his own studio.

John (pictured left) has a lovely space in a warehouse on the River Trent. He combines running the studio with lecturing part-time at the University of Lincoln.

Whilst at the studio I also met photographer Andy Weekes with whom John has collaborated on work for many years, their work for THE COLLECTION [Art & Archaelogy in Lincolnshire] is well worth a look.

Pictured below is a poster John designed for a talk to Lincoln University (before he became a lecturer!) which features his four business cards from Area/Pentagram/Frost/Dowling.

And here below is a self initiated project (poster- A2 size) by John.

Just goes to prove (what many already know) that there is creative life outside the major cities....

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