Thursday, 28 March 2013

Chocolate Farm

Here's a chocolatey post for this eggy time of year!

It's only rarely that we get involved in packaging, as the vast majority of board used for packaging is very ordinary with lots of print and processes. Occasionally a lovely brief comes along, where a material is required to convey quality, yet have an understated look and feel and this is just one such project.
These lovely small boxes contain a 45gram block of handmade Chocolate from the Chocolate Farm which is made using only the finest natural ingredients.

The boxes are 80mm square with a 9mm capacity. They are made using our Flora Betulla 350gsm which is a part recycled FSC board which is off white with deliberate inclusions and specks. Each box is simply printed in one colour, offset litho and is hot foil blocked with metallic foil - each type of chocolate with a different colour foil:
By printing all the boxes up together on one sheet, the job is made more cost effective and the foiling only involves one die, just a change of foil colour, again making this cost effective. The boxes are then "die-cut" (same die for all three) and assembled by hand with the flaps affixed with a gold coloured self adhesive label.

Packaging and graphic design is by Isobel Bushell at Aardvark Illustration & Design, who also created the identity for Chocolate Farm.  Print is by Graphics and Print in Telford and the foiling is by Impact in Leicester.

...and thanks to Isobel for taking the time to send me samples of the bars and a lovely note:

Posted by Justin Hobson 28.03.2012

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