Monday, 7 October 2013

G4S International Logistics

This is a brochure produced for security firm G4S, to promote and explain their International Logistics business. Many areas of  the company's business are concerned with very high value items and the secure delivery/logistic arrangements, in particular, serving the mining industry including gold.

The cover of the brochure is produced using our new Stardream Fine Gold (a new shade, introduced this time last year).
The cover is hot foil blocked in metallic gold foil. Size of the brochure is 255x210mm, portrait. The text is printed in pantone metallic gold, a special red and black with the photographic images reproduced as halftones in the metallic gold. There is also a band of high gloss varnish running over the double page spreads.
The text is printed on our Concorde Pure Silk 135gsm and is made up using 7 x French folded sections (14pp). The inside of the French folded sections is printed in the metallic gold. The cover is an 8pp, with full size flaps, which works perfectly with a "french folded" text - I would generally always suggest that, so you get all folded sheets on the foredge. Hopefully the photograph below explains the way it all works:

Design and art direction is by Crescent Lodge. Creative Director on the project is Lynda Brockbank and the designer is Malcolm Metcalfe. This is a lovely piece of literature. The cover has amazing impact and ties in with the halftone images printed in the gold, beautifully.
Print and finishing is by Principal Colour in Paddock Wood.
Posted by Justin Hobson 07.10.2013

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