Thursday, 24 October 2013

UEL Fashion 2013

This is the show catalogue produced this summer for the graduating students of the University of East London, fashion courses and is a really lovely piece of literature. The new head of fashion at UEL is Dorota Watson. This is her first year in the position and she had a high level of involvement in the production of this piece of work.
The desired effect was that it should be layered with slightly transparent "voile" effect, so our Offenbach Bible was chosen as the text paper.
Size is 275x200mm, portrait and the text is a 76pp self cover printed four colour throughout on our Offenbach Bible 60gsm. The outside has a tracing paper wrap, printed in one colour.
Particular care has been taken over the print reproduction of these images - subtle detail, weave and textures which need to be seen and appreciated, so the reproduction achieved on the Offenbach Bible is of prime importance.
Needless to say, just the type on the Offenbach Bible looks great ...but then it should, as it's designed for type, both sides in a Bible!
Design and production is by Vicki Fong, who is a senior lecturer at UEL. Print is by Lefa Print who are based in Sidcup, Kent.
Thanks to Joe Hunter, Senior lecturer in Fashion Futures at UEL, for asking me to go and discuss the project in the first place.
Posted by Justin Hobson 24.10.2013

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