Monday, 25 November 2013

Wood it be true

Here is an exceptional new range of greeting cards from innovative card publisher, Velvet Olive. This new series of cards under the range title "Wood it be true" combines type and illustration on these fun cards. The basis of all the cards is the use of  'tree rings' in the design (these rings, or the study of rings, is apparently called 'Dendros' ...I had to look this up!) combined with wood-block style type.
The cards are 4pp, 170x120mm, portrait and are printed on our new Crush Citrus 350gsm. This is our lovely new paper from Favini, made using agro-industrial residues from the processing of citrus fruit in Italy and replacing up to 15% tree pulp. You can read about it here:
The cards are designed by Kathryn Fletcher, who is the founder of Velvet Olive. You can see the other beautiful cards in the range here:
Kathryn started publishing cards in 2004 and she now supplies to a wide range of shops and boutiques including Paperchase and Waterstones.

The cards are printed by Graphite Creative who are based in St Albans. Now it's just worth pointing out that although these cards have a minimal amount of print (2 colours, offset litho) Graphite, who specialise in the production of Greetings cards, have a lot of 'in house' capabilities. These include die-stamping, hot foil blocking, blind embossing, flitter (that's like glitter), film lamination and they can also do film lamination with effects. A pretty impressive range of kit!

Thanks to Kathryn for sending me the selection of cards.
Posted by Justin Hobson 25.11.2013

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