Monday, 24 February 2014

WITHIN - Howard Tangye

This post is about a beautifully produced book, titled WITHIN, showing the work of artist Howard Tangye. It was published and launched in Paris last year and the London book launch took place in London in January, to which I was invited.
The launch was at the Hus Gallery in Hanover Street, W1, combined with a solo exhibition of the artist's work, entitled "Casting the Line"  
Now this isn't the first time that this book has been mentioned on this blog. I profiled it last year as a project that had been launched on Kickstarter. If you follow the link, you can read the original piece, as there's no point in my duplicating the entry:
The Kickstarter campaign was a roaring success and the funds were raised and therefore the project could actually be printed and the vision of the publication be realised.
The size of the book is 310x210mm portrait and is casebound in bookcloth. It is beautifully bound produced. There is a 170pp text which is printed on a split between Omnia White and Omnia Natural, both 150gsm. There are front and back text sections on the Omnia natural and the colour work is printed on the Omnia White. There are an additional 16 "tipped in" overlays, printed on our Tectonic Clear 150gsm, which is a translucent tracing paper. The art looks absolutely superb printed on the Omnia. which has reproduced the colours perfectly, whilst still giving the look and feel of an uncoated material.
The book is designed and published by Stinsensqueeze. Partners Louise Naunton Morgan and Stina Gromark conceived, designed and finally published the whole project, which they should be very pleased about. I think I'm right in saying, that the books have nearly all sold. They also designed the typeface for use in the book.

The book was printed and produced by Jigsaw Colour. The complexity of the book with the "tip ins" made this a challenging project, but the print and binding are both absolutely superb.
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