Friday, 28 February 2014

CIA Calendar 2014

Mind of a child, Eye of an Artist 
This is the lovely 2014 desk calendar produced by the Central Illustration Agency (CIA). In September, a team of CIA illustrators held a children's workshop at the V&A Museum of Childhood in London. During the workshop each child was asked what they imagined the future might look like. These thoughts were then turned into briefs and sent out to their international network of illustrators!
A few weeks later, forty of those artists had created illustrative interpretations of those children’s thoughts and on 12th October they returned to the museum. Alongside those exhibited images, a dozen CIA illustrators took to the stage and created giant live artworks, accompanied by the children who had dreamt up those artists’ briefs and very much beholden to their unequivocal art direction.
During an extraordinary project, a child’s vision was realised by a professional artist and the results are presented on this lovely calendar  
Cover illustration: Jakob Hinrichs
 You can read more about the project here:
Brian Grimwood
David Holmes
Le Gun

The 140mm square calendar is printed on Omnia Natural 120gsm, chosen so that it would have an uncoated look and feel but reproduce the wide and diverse illustrations superbly. The "tent card" (which is the commonly used term for the supporting cardboard frame) is made from a sturdy sheet of Trojan Whiteback 510gsm (below pic):
Production of the calendar was handled by Charlotte Hanlon. Printing and finishing is by L&S Printing based in Worthing, West Sussex.
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