Friday, 5 December 2014

Brown's Hotel

Brown's Hotel in Albermarle Street in London is a familiar landmark, having opened in 1837. The hotel is steeped in history and has had many famous guests over the years. The building consists of eleven townhouses which are now combined into one elegant structure.
This piece of promotional literature is a brochure which strikes the balance between showing the history, while still showing the very contemporary features and facilities at this luxurious hotel.
'metallic on Omnia'
'Plate sunk'
The brochure is 180mm square. It has a 4pp cover and a 28pp text. The cover is printed offset litho in four colour process plus a metallic special in a champagne colour. The board used for the cover is our Omnia 280gsm which has an uncoated look and feel and yet prints superbly but which also prints metallics which actually look metallic! The printed image on the outside front cover (right) is also 'plate sunk' (that's a square de-boss) and this also works well on Omnia as it has a good bulk and compressibility, so embosses/debosses very well.

The text is printed on our Marazion Ultra 150gsm. The Marazion Ultra was chosen mainly because of it's matt flatness which would reproduce the interior images well without a glossiness which would detract from the classic look and feel of the hotel. A simple but effective choice of materials. The spine is about 3mm wide.
Design and art direction is by Saffron in London and the designer on the project is Wendy Roberts. Print production is by Harness Publicity based in Basildon.
Posted by Justin Hobson 05.12.2014

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