Thursday, 9 February 2017

Coast Lookbook SS|16

Established in 1996, Coast is one of the leading occasionwear brands for women. Coast now boasts 52 stand-alone stores with 184 concessions and 46 international stores. This is the lookbook forSpring Summer last year and is a really superb piece of literature
The cover is printed on our Astralux board - this is a one sided 'Cast Coated' board which means it has a high gloss surface and an uncoated reverse. The outside cover is completely unprinted and features just the most amazingly executed blind emboss - see the detail below:
The cover is printed on Astralux [1 sided] 350gsm. Size of the publication is 240x170mm (which is an economical size to be printed on a B2/B1 size press). The below image shows the inside front cover printed on the uncoated side of the Astralux opposite page one of text, which is all printed on Omnia.
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The text material chosen was our Omnia, which would beautifully reproduce the photography with the delicate patterns and dark colours superbly - without forgetting the fleshtones ...and it looks wonderful! The 42pp text is on Omnia White 150gsm, printed offset litho in CMYK throughout.
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There are four translucent paper section dividers throughout the publication, printed offset litho in one colour on Spectral, White 130gsm.
Image reproduction is paramount but it was also important that the publication also projected the tactility of the clothes and in the image above and below the detail of the handbag and the extraordinary reproduction of the metallic gold. An ordinary feeling silk or gloss coated paper wasn't an option, so Omnia fitted the bill perfectly.
Omnia is a very bulky paper, so even though it is only 42pp, the Omnia 150gsm gives it a 5mm spine thickness. With most publications of this quality, they are section sewn, however because of the 'tip ins' on the translucent, this book is perfect bound. Below is a close up showing the spine and end of the book:
Another impressive detail is on the outside back cover which is neatly embossed in type which can be no larger than twelve point and which you can see from the image below is beautifully executed - great attention to detail.
Art direction and design is by Coast. Printing, neat embossing and careful finishing is by Identity Print based in Paddock Wood.

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