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How to Excite the Senses

Jaguar is a purpose-led organisation and their purpose is to excite the senses. This superb publication commissioned by the Jaguar PR and press department is to convey this purpose. This piece of literature embodies all the core values that Jaguar stands for and is produced to a very high specification.
The size of the publication is 165x240mm, landscape. The outside cover is case-bound using a combination of a soft touch covering material and 'quarter bound' in black book-cloth. The front cover is hot foil blocked in a gloss black foil. 

The binding is what is generally called "swiss-bound", so the text is mounted onto the inside back cover with the front cover and freestanding spine. The below image shows the inside front cover, inside spine and page one of text.
However, what is unusual about the binding is that the text is section sewn but left as what I describe as "open-bound" with the sections being held together with just thread and a very small amount of glue.
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One of the things about this project which is so exciting is the use of different materials. The introduction is an 8pp section printed on Offenbach Bible 60gsm - which is printed sensationally with an amazing image ...the alloy wheel below:
...and below you can see the way the very lightweight Offenbach Bible flops and flows:
The majority of text is printed on our Omnia 120gsm. The majority of pages are printed in a solid black, which looks wonderful on the Omnia.
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...but to keep the reader stimulated there are eight "tip- ins" 140x110mm, which are printed on our Astralux 1 sided 90gsm, which is high gloss one side and an uncoated reverse.
The below image shows the way the uncoated and coated combination of the Astralux works really well.
Many of the spreads are also vibrant colours or solids which all work equally well on the Omnia.
The publication is printed offset litho throughout and there is also gloss UV which runs throughout the book. Unlike most uncoated products, you can successfully gloss UV varnish on Omnia (with a single hit) and it works really well - as you can see in the below pic...
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Another luxurious touch is the use of coloured thread for the section sewing:
Concept, art direction and design of the publication is by Brand Union.

This is an exquisitely produced book which using a great choice of materials does "excite the senses". The project is printed offset litho throughout. Print is by CPI Colour with Alan Gillespie handling the project.
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