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Originally launched in 1950’s, Elefantenhaut is a speciality paper with a distinctive veining effect typical of papers produced in Germany at the time.
The name of the product directly translates to “Elephant Hide” which indicates the toughness and durability that this paper possesses - but I should point out that no Elephants were harmed in the production of this paper!

Elefantenhaut is a graphic paper manufactured using a special production process which results in a paper which is resistant to scratches, abrasion and dirt and can also be wiped clean. The paper has long fibres and is very strong making it the perfect covering material for books and boxes.
We now have this new swatches which shows the seven different colours that the range is available in. The detail image below shows the distinctive veining effect.
Elefantenhaut is ideal for menus, certificates, envelopes and all applications where a durable, natural product is required.

These fine papers are manufactured at the Reflex Paper mill in the town of Düren in Germany, which was founded in 1857 and the mill also produces transparent papers, label papers and artists papers. Elefantenhaut is made from Chlorine Free pulp (ECF) and carry the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification

If you would like one of the new swatches, please email me:

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