Wednesday, 25 April 2018

AA Public Programme - Spring 2018

The Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, commonly referred to as the AA, is the oldest independent school of architecture in the UK and one of the most prestigious and competitive in the world. Its wide-ranging programme of exhibitions, lectures, symposia and publications have given it a central position in global discussions and developments within contemporary architectural culture.

This is the leaflet produced to promote their public programme.
Size of the leaflet is 105x222mm, folding out to 630x444mm. It is printed in just one colour both sides, offset litho.
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It is printed on our Redeem 100% Recycled 60gsm, which is a neutral white recycled paper with a utilitarian feel that really works well for this project with it's simplicity and wonderful illustration by Constanze Hein, Book Book. A beautifully simple piece of literature which just used all the elements correctly and sets this piece miles away from what most organisations do ... which is a 4 colour leaflet on a bit of silk coated paper!
The Redeem 100% Recycled flops and folds well in the hand...
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You can see from the detail below, the natural white of the Redeem 100% Recycled, similar in shade to newsprint:
Print and finishing is by Push Print based in London. Printed offset litho in just one colour. Graphic design is by Jan Blessing at the AA Studio.
A superb example of a really well considered publication where the design, materials and processes are just right for the content.
Posted by Justin Hobson 25.04.2018

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