Friday, 6 November 2009

Fashion Rations!

This is a really fun piece of internal communications for fashion retailer, Whistles. They run a scheme where staff members can offer a limited "friends and family" discount. They coined the phrase "fashion rations" and decided to produce some ration book style booklets in a small "ladies purse" size.

Importantly, they wanted the pages of "stamps" to be perforated and on a gummed paper. Well many of you won't know that we keep a gummed paper in stock at Fenner Paper called Novafix (and are the UK distributors for Swedish manufacturer Artinova).

To complete the ration book feel, the booklets were "stab stitched" (that's where the staple goes through the whole book, from front to back - like a cheque book - although the term cheque book binding normally implies, the application of binding tape over the stab stitches).

The size of the book is A7 (105x74mm) portrait, with Idaho Blu Sky, 216gsm for cover with 3 leaves of perforated stamp pages on Novafix white 80gsm.

A particularly nice touch is that the front of all the books are "crash numbered" on the covers. For those of you who aren't aware of this process, it is an old letterpress process which uses a numbering box on a platten. It is an "impact" process which simply thumps the number on the sheet and then (in a clockwork style) clicks on one digit.
Print production was done by PrintStation, based in Bexhill in Sussex (
The job was designed in house at Whistles by Jess Hilton ...thank you Jess for the nice note.

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