Saturday, 28 November 2009

Our visit to Favini.

This week we visited a paper mill in Italy called Favini. It was quite a "whistlestop" tour but Chris (Fenner) and I hadn't been there for many years and it was time to become re-acquainted.
Favini is a group of two mills, one in Rossano (not far from Venice) and one at Crusinallo (pictured). They make a wide and varied range of products including uncoated text and cover papers, feltmarked papers, label papers and Cast Coated papers - many people will be familiar with the ASTRALUX brand of Cast coated papers ...well these are guys that make it!
As you can see from the pictures above, they were making red paper on the day we visited!
Favini have been developing some new products which will hopefully be introduced into the UK market next year. Chris Brown is the Sales and Marketing Director (pictured here) who was showing us around and I must also thank Antonella Agostini, Michele Posco and Caroline Wagner who looked after us very well and who made it a really interesting and enjoyable visit - thank you.


  1. Don't keep us in suspense Justin – what are their new products? Anything as nice as Alga carta will be very welcome!

  2. Justin,

    You are tall and lanky, and very enthusiastic, great having you visit our place in Italy - if anyone else would like a look around, just let us know. Favini is a small mill and famous in Italy for its Alga Carta, paper made from algal blooms in the Venice lagoon.


    PS thks for the photo, I forgot I looked like that 8 years ago!


Thanks for your comment! If I like it, I'll add it on. Cheers J