Monday, 2 November 2009

Jobs From The Past - Number 2

Regular followers will know that my first post of every month is a "job from the past" (see post on 01/10/2009), so that I can show some of the memorable jobs from times past.

Life 5/2/96 ERICSSON "you only have one life - live it"

This is an amazing job which still looks and feels as fresh as it did thirteen years ago! Produced in 1996 by Imagination for Swedish mobile phone manufacturer Ericsson. This was a piece of literature to accompany the trade stand at the CeBIT telecommunications show. The Creative Director was Stuart Jane and the Designer was Melissa Price with photography by the in-house team at Imagination.

The journal documents a working day in the lives of 7 European professionals and shows how Ericsson products "provide freedom, flexibility and control"! It is written in both English and German.

The job is 240x320mm Portrait, saddle stiched. It is printed on our Neptune Unique but has an unusual combination of weights with 4pp cover on 300gsm with 16pp on 200gsm and 20pp on 135gsm with an irregular order for the weights - works really well.

The job was printed by a company called Litho-Tech based in Kennington, London who at the time was one of the leading corporate printers in London if not the UK. Sadly like many printers of that era, the company no longer exists. It was printed offset litho in six colours. My notes aren't completely clear but I think the run was either 5,000 or 10,000 copies. Peter Roberts was the sales executive, Les Baker, the production manager and Paul Watson the Managing Director.

This was still in the very early days of using high quality uncoated text and cover materials for corporate communications but certainly Neptune Unique worked extremely well with the double hit vibrant green on the cover and gunmetal metallic silver special printed on the inside.

So where are they all now? The designer on the project, Melissa Price is at Cartlidge Levene. Creative Director, Stuart Jane is at Venture Three. Peter Roberts, who was the sales executive at printers Litho-Tech who handled the job, now runs his own print management company called Urban Life Support and Les Baker is now Works Manager at St Ives, Westerham Press. As for the others, if you know, let me know....

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