Friday, 29 January 2010

Clever design solution...

Here is a well designed, clear and thoughtfully produced little job. It is a membership booklet for Dartington, which is a charity with a long history back to the 1930's when the founders set up the "Dartington Experiment" at Dartington Hall in Devon.

This A5 booklet combines the need for clear information, a clever reply element (the pull out centre 4pp pages have a re-moist glue around three edges) and an equally clever delivery element - as the cover makes it's own envelope by use of a flap and an adhesive tape strip.

Picture above shows outside back cover and the pic below shows the front and back cover with the flap that forms the "envelope" style flap. Text on the cover has also been hot foil blocked in matt white foil which gives a rich contrast with the self-coloured cover board.
The project is designed by biz-R who are based in Totnes, Devon. Creative Director on the project is Blair Thomson and design and (some!) of the copywriting is by Blair Thomson and Tish England.

It was in keeping with the charity's aims to use 100% Recycled materials, so our Colorset Deep Orange 270gsm was used for the cover combined with another recycled text paper ...sadly not on our material (it was on cyclus offset).

Print was by local firm Kingfisher Print and Design based in Totnes, Devon.

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