Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Happily Ever After

Here's a lovely project produced by Happily Ever After. It's an exhibition catalogue for Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

As creative partner, Sara Carneholm, said in her e-mail "Well it looks rather sweet and the text pages are Neptune Soft White. Cover is a non-Fenner I'm afraid, Millstream Sky Blue. But its a nice combo! Thought I should share that with you." Well it is a lovely combination and the job looks lovely, so thank you Sara.
The pocket sized catalogue is to accompany Pretty Eyed, Pirate Smile an exhibition of six video works from Ellie Rees. The works, made over the past two years, explore the archetypes and broad narrative structures that opera and film rely on, particularly regarding gender and love, specifically those of women in romantic relationships.
Design is by Sara Carneholm and Leah Harrison-Bailey.

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