Tuesday, 12 January 2010

An ACE Calendar...

This is a really lovely desk calendar produced by the Central Illustration Agency (CIA). There are 52 illustrations (one per week) and all the illustrations have a "ace" theme.

The job is unusual because although it's printed in four colours, they are four specials as opposed to being normal CMYK. This calendar is printed using a dark blue, and fluoro pink, lime and yellow - with excellent results.

The cover is also hot foil blocked in a white gloss foil - v.nice.
The calendar is printed on our, 100% recycled, Colorset Light Grey 120gsm and the "tent card" (which is the commonly used term for the supporting cardboard frame) is made from a sturdy sheet of Trojan Whiteback 510gsm.The size of the job is 140mm square.

Production (at the CIA) was dealt with by the lovely Jules Beazley. Design is by Staziker Jones and print is by Hartleywilprint based in Wales.


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