Friday, 5 March 2010

Fundraiser Print Series No1

LANDFILL is an arts and music publisher based in London, founded winter 2009. They are publishing works for artists and much of the printed content is produced by their sister company callesd MANYMONO on their Riso RP 3105ep.

I was recommended to Hugh by Rob at Praline (thank you) and they tested some of our materials. Anyway they have tested some of our materials on the Riso machine (which is an unusual machine - it's not offset and it's not strictly digital - it's based on the old fashioned "duplicators" which use a waxed master. Anyway the printed effect is great and they have produced a series called "Fundraiser Print Series No1"!

Below are the three prints which Hugh has kindly sent me as a thank you.
Tommi Musturi (above)

Sister Arrow (above)
Jim Stoten (above)
The series are printed in two colour on the Riso machine on our Matrisse 200gsm which is an uncoated cover board with a distinctive "toothy" surface, a high bulk (270microns) and a high white shade.
Have a look at the artists on their site:
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