Monday, 15 March 2010

Nick Turpin - Publication #1

Here is the latest project from photographer Nick Turpin. This new series called "Publication" is a biannual periodical produced by street photographers for street photographers. Whereas this was a very small market a few years ago, the advancements in technology and low cost digital cameras have made street photography ever more accessible and an internationally recognised art form. 

This debut issue is titled Inspiration deliver a showcase of work from leading street photographers together with interesting articles which reflect on the historical perspective of street photography. 
The size is 178x230mm. It is printed on Redeem 100% Recycled 240gsm cover and 130gsm text.
Design is by Eng Su and Pali Palavathanan
Published by Nick Turpin. Project management and production by Sarah Ewing. Print is by Push

Each copy of Publication comes in a box with a set of twenty prints from contemporary street photographers (see pic on left) You can order your very own copy of Publication at

...and thank you to Eng for the beautifully made origami note
Posted by Justin Hobson

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