Thursday, 11 March 2010

Flockage Invitation

This is another example where the well considered use of material has made a massive difference to the end project. Produced on our Flockage Colours, in Bright Red 400gsm. It's from Christmas but I've only just received a couple of file copies.

The invitation is for a party for the Howard De Walden Estate and the party had a theme of the American circus of the old west which was the inspiration for the design.

Design is by Mike Turner at Em-Project.
The invitations are A5 in size and foiled in one colour using gold metallic foil on the flock side and printed one colour litho in gold on the reverse side. Print and foiling by Identity.
This is another good example of a"cost effective" use of the material. Flockage is an expensive material, but because of the small quantity and the fact limited processes were being used with waste therefore being minimal - a luxury, high impact impression was achieved for relatively low cost.
Posted by Justin Hobson

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