Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I'm backing the Pub - write to your MP

This post is about two subjects that I know loads of graphic designers are passionate about - BEER and PUBS!

The Chancellor will be introducing his next Budget in the coming weeks and with it the threat of even higher taxes on beer which in turn is threatening a large number of pubs and bars. People in the drinks industry are campaigning to try to get this Government to see sense and to persuade them to stop piling punitive tax increases and unnecessary regulation on pubs.

“I’m Backing the Pub” now has over 100,000 supporters and you can make a difference by sending an email to your local MP asking them to back the campaign.

It's easy. Link to http://www.backthepub.com/ and click on the “Petition Your MP” box.

Just think about how many projects you've worked on where the best ideas have come together "down the pub" and what about those of you who use the saloon bar as the extra meeting room? don't delay ...do it now!
Posted by Justin Hobson

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  1. I love beer so I'll definitely do it! - Hey Justin, it's a shame you haven't credited the designer of the "Im backing the Pub" logo - it's priceless! Cheers Nick


Thanks for your comment! If I like it, I'll add it on. Cheers J