Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Selected Works

This is a new brochure for design company Campbell Hay which shows some of their selected works.

The cover is particularly interesting as it makes a clever and unusual use of a one sided paper. It uses Astralux 1 sided (cast coated) paper in 115gsm. As you may be able to see from the picture the top strip is whiter and this is because the cover (which is saddle stitched) is longer than the text. The cover is stitched on with the uncoated side on the outside but because it is longer, it then folds up from the bottom with the glossy side showing on the outside. This provides a really nice contrast between tactile and smooth on the cover.

The size of the brochure is 165x240mm and has a 32pp text, saddle stitched. The text is on Omnia 120gsm which has reproduced the wide variety of their work fantastically. It is written in English and French.

Art Direction was by partners Elly Cambell and Charlie Hay. Designer on the project was Jonathan Baron.
These are only a couple of the spreads but it gives you an idea of the quality and diversity of the work this studio produces . From packaging, to identity and literature and even luxury muffin boxes (see above pic)!

The excellent print and finishing is by Generation Press.

Designer, Jonathan Baron has recently left Campbell Hay to work on his own projects good luck and best wishes to you Jonathan

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