Thursday, 20 May 2010

New Brook Buildings

Here is a job which that just exudes fantastic quality of both print and finishing (oh, and of course a pinch of all right design as well!). The project is a brochure for a property called New Brook Buildings.

Size is 240x330mm. Key points of interest is the fantastic de-bossing on the front cover (which if you enlarge the pic below, you should be able to see). It is also "swiss-bound" (explanation below) and the text is stepped with divider pages (printed with mono imagery).
Below pic shows the Swiss binding. For those that are unfamiliar with this type of binding, it is essentially a section sewn or perfect bound binding method which has a "lip" of about 15/20mm of cloth wrapped around the spine. The cloth covered spine is stuck flat on the reverse of the text block with a strip of glue into a 4pp cover with a "freestanding" spine which means that the cover (which can often be very springy with normal adhesive binding) sits very flat.
The text is stepped and is very tricky from a production point of view, especially with this type of binding. This has been done exceptionally well.
Below is the opening spread - inside front cover on left, stepped text on right.
Some of the spreads below: 
Design is by London design agency dn&co who specialise in property branding. Creative Director is Ben Dale.

Print production is by Push and very nice it is too. Both "ink on paper" and finishing is superb.

Oh and I suuppose I'd better mention the paper! It's printed on our Omnia 320gsm and 120gsm which gives the job a tactile and engaging feel. As well as reproducing the images superbly, it has a high bulk and as a result, the deboss works superbly.

Post by Justin Hobson 20.05.2010

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