Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Repitition is Truth

This book catalogues a series of 14 paintings by the British artist Rachel Howard, which Damien Hirst commissioned for his Murderme art collection. The series is based on the Stations of the Cross but is also a broader commentary on the universality of human rights abuses and people’s capability for cruelty towards each other. Including shots from the artist’s studio, the book also gives an insight into Rachel Howard’s practice.

The size of the book is 190mmx320mm. It has a 56pp text printed on our Marazion Ultra 150gsm. The 20 illustrations also have a gloss UV varnish applied.

The publication has a genuine bookcloth cover with black foil text. A particularly nice touch is a deboss logotype on Page 1 of text, very subtle but a really nice touch. The excellent print production is by Push (

Design is by Emma Scott-Child and published by Murderme.

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