Tuesday, 25 May 2010

2010 World Cup Poster - made with no trees at all!

Here's a World Cup poster for the typographic purist! (...and no trees were hurt in the process)

The A1 size poster has been designed for a wine merchant with two shops, Wine One Hundred (Oxted)and The Secret Cellar (Tunbridge Wells)

Design is by Em-Project (http://www.em-project.com/)

The poster is very simply produced in one colour litho and is printed on a brand new paper our ours which is made without using any trees at all! It is part of a new range which we are launching called SHIRO from Italian paper manufacturer Favini. This particular product is called Shiro, Tree Free 120gsm (the clue is in the name - Tree Free means it is made from annual plants such as bamboo, cotton or bagasse ...there is no tree content at all!)

So there you go, you heard it here first! I will be putting a post on the blog about the new papers in this range but if you have a project on the go and you think this might be an interesting option, then get in touch and I can get you some some samples now. I will be mailing out new swatches soon.

In the meantime I have file copies of this lovely poster (that's me holding it up) so if you would like one, please e-mail me (justin@fennerpaper.co.uk) and I'll put one in the post to you.

Posted by Justin Hobson 25.05.2010

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  1. we LOVE this poster which we have already picked up from the shop and framed! didn't know about the paper - makes it even better!! thanks justin!


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