Monday, 17 May 2010

Soccer Aid - World Cup 2010 Poster

Now some people might think this is a bit of a strange one to see on my blog as it's not actually printed on our paper BUT it's for charity...(and i'm hoping my reward will be in heaven)

This is a world cup poster which is being sold to raise funds for Soccer Aid, which is a UNICEF charity that raises money to help children around the world and is endorsed by Robbie Williams amongst others.
This A1 size poster has been conceived and designed by David Watson/Trebleseven design.

The Poster was produced in collaboration with G&B Printers in Feltham and is printed on Phoenixmotion.

If you fancy one for the studio, please buy one - all poster sales will benefit Soccer Aid. To get your own copy, please contact
Posted by Justin Hobson 17.05.2010

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