Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Poly Records use Deep Orange

Here's a really simple, effective job that's clear, clean and really well produced (and I also have a point to make at the end of this post...).

These are A4+ capacity folders produced for an US record label called Poly Records. They are produced on Colorset Deep Orange 270gsm and are silkscreened in white only. 
Design is by Maddison Graphic based in Ely and silkscreening is by Screenprint Colourworks.

Now, the point I want to make is that I get many people who won't look at less than 300gsm for a folder (many people want 350gsm plus) and the biggest problem is they won't actually look and feel different materials for themseleves and often make incorrect assumptions about how it will feel. It is quite true to say that a 300gsm silk coated probably could be a bit flimsy for a folder such as this. However using uncoated materials such as Colorset (and especially Colorset which has a very high bulk) means that lighter weight can and should be considered. Colorset 270gsm has a bulk of 370microns! This also serves as a good reminder about why it is worth getting a dummy made so you can actually get the look and feel of the end job - here ends the sermon!

Posted by Justin Hobson 18.05.2010

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