Friday, 24 December 2010

Adidas F/W 2010

This is the latest collection of Adidas 'Training clothes' with the Fall/Winter 2010 collection. It is a pair of brochures, Mens and Womens and as I'm sure you can see from the images, they are beautiful pieces of literature using vibrant punchy colours.

Art Direction, design and production is by Made Thought. The superb photography is by Andrea Spotorno. I can't say too much more about it - look at the images below, they speak for the job...
Below pic shows the clever 6pp, a slit holding the CD in the fold:
...and this is the Mens:
Each brochure is a 4pp cover with a 44pp text, saddle stitched. There is a loose 6pp insert which list the international distributors and which cleverly holds a CD and this is held in place with a white elasticated loop - a clever idea and really well executed. Size is 275x200mm portrait and it's printed on Marazion Ultra which gives it that dead matt/flat look but with great reproduction. Cover is 300gsm, text is 150gsm and 6pp insert is 300gsm. Print is by Push.
Posted by Justin Hobson 24.12.2010

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