Friday, 8 April 2011

Southwark Circle

This is a very interesting little job which is a membership/resource pack which was produced as a box within a box! The brief was such that a box which would have cards added to it over a period of time was required, but of course a box printed on a graphical board, even a heavy weight, can get crushed either in the post or in general handling. The solution was to build the job around a standard small brown corrugated mailing case that we keep in stock, which was silkscreened in just one colour.

So, how does it fit together? The size of the corrugated case is 165x223mm, with a 15mm capacity. The case is covered by a full length wrap, open at both ends printed in 2 colours only on Nptune Unique 250gsm. Inside the corrugated case is the main resouce box which is printed (again in just 2 colours) on our very solid Matrisse 450gsm. Inside the resource box is the main booklet, A5 portrait, self cover on Neptune Unique 160gsm, printed CMYK ...and with green coloured staples - a very nice touch!
The below pictures show how the package work in sequence:
Design is by James Ritchie at James Ritchie Design. This was a design job on a budget ( know what I mean!) so James coordinated the suppliers, so he could get the best value.

The Screen-printed capacity box with slipcase: Screen print by Atlantic Coast Studio based in Teweksbury (no website from them). The slipcase/wrap by Prom Print Digital in Cheltenham printed Indigo onto their house 300gsm uncoated - a run of 300! Tuck-flap box: printed by Granite, run of 1000 on Matrisse 450gsm board. 16pp booklet: printed by Granite, run of 1000 
...and a very nice thank you:
P.S. I should mention that further to my post about Granite in January, there is some good news:
they have since been acquired and merged into the Park Communications group ( They are now operating as a their own seperate entity (at the factory in Leigh on Sea) within a stronger and much larger group, so great news all round, especially for all the staff.
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