Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Mad Hen - Case Study

This publication is the first in a series of "case studies" published by design company Mad Hen, who are based in Wales.

This case study is about Halen Môn Sea Salt which over the last decade has built up a profile as a premium, gourmet product.

The booklet is a saddle stitched, 12pp self cover, A6 (148x105mm) portrait produced on Omnia 150gsm.
Design is by Creative Director Sid Madge at Mad Hen. Omnia was chosen because the colour reproduction is superb as are the solids combined with the fact that this little job just feels 'special' - and as Sid says in his lovely note to me:  Omnia ...Yum!
It does occur to me that this is a great way of a design company getting it's own work out there. I know that these days, the emphasis is very much on websites but you still need to give a client a reason for looking at a site and a simple, clear precise publication like this is just the thing ...food for thought!
Posted by Justin Hobson 26.04.2011

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