Thursday, 14 April 2011

A touch of Sunshine!

Here's a lovely identity for Spring-time!

This is an identity for a laser cutting company based in south London called "Cut Laser Cut". The identity has been based around two geometric shapes and our Colorset Solar which is a very bright (almost fluorescent) yellow.

The brand encompasses everything from signage to interior, but is all based around this vibrant yellow.
 Even the files follow the colour scheme...
Below are the business cards (on Colorset Solar, 270gsm) - and if you enlarge the pic you can see the semi circle which is hot foil blocked with a gloss clear foil.
Design is by Linda Byrne at Alphabetical Order. Printed literature was produced by Furnival Press and foiling was by Benwell Sebard. Ed Reeve photographed the images.

...and I recommend having a look at the CLC (Cut Laser Cut) website, they laser cut into some amazing materials:
Posted by Justin 14.04.2011

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