Monday, 13 June 2011

Dowling Duncan

Dowling|Duncan are anything but a conventional design company. The company was born out of the desire of two former work colleagues wishing to work together and the result is a pooling of resources by the two principals, John Dowling and Rob Duncan on either sides of the Atlantic.
The literature below is their first piece of promotional print in what has been a momentous year for the two D's. Not only have they celebrated their first year, but they have also opened a New York office in the Chrysler building. They now have offices in San Francisco, New York and Newark (UK).
The below piece is a simple 12pp folded affair in which the 8pp concertina folds into the last 4pp forming the cover. Size is 155mm x 220mm.
One side is almost entirely image based (pics above) while the other side is mailnly in black, demonstrating the marks and identities that they have completed (pic below)

The job is printed on our Omnia 200gsm which works just perfectly as the creasing and small (3mm) spine which enable the concertina to sit squarely in the cover is just right. Printing is offset litho in four colours and the printer is Gavin Martin. It was printed before they opened the New York office, so here's hoping for a re-print!

...and thanks to John and Rob for their note

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