Tuesday, 28 June 2011

DesignWeek - a newsworthy event

It was announced yesterday that the publisher Centaur Media is to axe the print editions of Design Week and New Media Age.

The last editions of the magazines are expected to go on sale this week, with both titles going online-only after that.

The "death of print" has often been mooted but it seems to me that there are more and more independent magazines starting off and setting up (in print) than ever before, it's curious as to why this is and why traditional publishers such as Centaur magazines are pulling away from print. This is especially strange given the parallel that the uber succesful www.itsnicethat.com blog, having run a great blog started to put it's work "in print". I guess the thing is that people only want to read good stuff, it doesn't matter whether it's in print or on line - if content is good people will want it.

Posted by Justin Hobson 28.06.2011

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