Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sebastian Magazine

Sebastian is a new biannual magazine from Shoreditch boutique Hostem. It's a beatifully conceived and put together publication - and this is one with a difference as each issue will have a new name - Sebastian exists for this one issue only.

The publication is a 160x240mm, portrait, perfect bound format with 4pp cover and 96pp text. The weight of the text and cover materials combined with the high page count gives it a 9mm spine giving the magazine a substantial, quality feel.

The publication is divided into ten features and as you can see from the pics above and below (courtesy of the design and imagery used throughout the magazine is diverse. The cover is printed on a little known paper of ours called Insize Modigliani in 260gsm - it's a "feltmarked" paper, which has a surface finish a bit like a traditional artists watercolour paper but this material has a coating which means it prints sharp detail. The editor of Magculture described it as "dimpled cover stock" which is rather missing the point but at least it got noticed!

The text paper used is our Redeem 100% Recycled 130gsm. 

Art direction is by Jonathan Baron. The editor is Matthew Holroyd. It's been well reviewed on the magazine design blog

Printing is by Pureprint who have made an excellent job of it given some of the very challenging images used.

Look out for the next issue but just don't look out for a magazine called Sebastian again!
Posted by Justin Hobson 15.06.2011

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