Thursday, 28 July 2011

Unpaid-for advertising!

Just when you think you've seen and heard it all before, something comes along that shakes it all up!

Most people will know that although I write this blog, I'm hardly obsessed by social media, not particularly worried about what people think of me or the company (unless it's negative) and certainly not concerned about "driving traffic" to websites or our products etc. I'm flattered that well over a thousand people check out this blog every week but I write it out of a desire to show genuinely good work which is mainly (but not exclusively) using papers from Fenner Paper ...and I can share it with many more people than I can actually go and physically visit.

So I was more than a little surpised when I received an e-mail from the PR company ( that works for the global paper conglomerate, ArjoWiggins, asking if I might be interested in putting their new EBS tools (whatever the heck, they are!!!) and their new video on my blog!
So, I was now clearly faced with a dilema. Do I simply say that it's a conflict of interest and politely tell them to go away?
...or should I allow the company which turns over £1.5 billion (...yes, you read that right 1.5 BILLION pounds!) and over 6000 employees, the oxygen of publicity on my blog!

Just so you're sure you know who I'm banging on about, this is the company that makes brands such as Conqueror, Chromomat, Curious etc. which I'm sure you're all familiar with. Technically they are a competitor but in the shark infested waters of the papery ocean, they are the size of a whale and we are not much bigger than plankton!

So I thought long and hard about it and thought, why not! I feel quite chuffed that they're asking little old Fenner Paper who has 15 employees and a turnover of less than 1% of their £1.5 billion for our help! ...and the video is about the use of recycled paper, so I figured it might work just as well for us as our Colorset is the only 100% recycled coloured text and cover paper on the market.

So here are the EBS tools (!) and the video:  [not many of you readers place comments on the blog, but do lets get some reader reaction]

After this major publicity coup, maybe they'll make me an offer - a corner office, an executive chair, a shiny suit and place on the board - problem is I don't speak French - oh salaud!
Posted by Justin Hobson 28.07.2011


  1. I like the music!

  2. C'mon big J, you know you wouldn't enjoy the exec lifestyle! Arjo wouldn't know what hit them if you worked for them but they'd probaly stop you bloging and going out seeing people - not corporate enough for them!

  3. Nice one Mr J. Bit of a joke Arjo Wiggins asking you - what next? maybe a plug for that "other" company based in Hull! Keep up the good work. Best wishes JP

  4. You are having a giraffe! I get the Arjo rep coming in to see me and hasn't got a clue - not like you. Matybe she should watch the video! and what's that new Olin paper of theres all about - just challenger offset under another name! Keep up the blog J. Best wishes Dave M


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