Thursday, 7 July 2011

Typography Workshop

Letterpress aficionado, Alan Kitching, has announced two dates in September for his popular and renowned workshops. First established in 1989, Alan has run these popular workshops for over two decades, in recent years with his partner, the late Celia Stothard.

Once again there is now the opportunity join with a wide ranging group of design practitioners and be immersed in a world of hands on setting and inky type. The images below are from previous courses and give you a flavour of what goes on...

Alan will be assisted by Jon Kielty and Ross Shaw, both experienced letterpress practitioners in their own right.

To read more about it and see the dates, follow the link:

Ditch the plans for the summer holiday, rob the piggy bank and book yourself a couple of most rewarding days in Kennington!

Posted by Justin Hobson 11.07.2011

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