Tuesday, 5 July 2011

#the50 at D&AD New Blood 2011

Yesterday afternoon I made my way to the Truman Brewery in London's Brick Lane to lend a hand at #the50 advice panel at D&AD New Blood 2011.

The idea is to bring established people within the creative industry (including a paper merchant, like me!) to talk to students one-to-one on all aspects of life-after-college.

Unfortunately I arrived late at the end of the day as it was all winding down, but it was a great idea and I can see from the people that I saw, that it can be a really useful thing to speak on a one to one basis to people working within the industry.
It was all organised by Jamie Wieck from Airside seen pictured here on the stand, along with Steven Bateman.

Here's a complete (I think?) list of people on the panel throughout the day (apologies for any missed off)

All in all, a really good idea and well done to Jamie for actually making it happen.

Posted by Justin Hobson 05.07.2011

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