Monday, 25 July 2011

Print Innovation

These days,they're often not very much good news to be had in the printing industry, but here's a good news story from West London based printers BOSS.

This printer has always been innovative  - they had one of the very first Indigo digital presses - ten years ago!  They specialise in producing high quality Litho & digital print across a wide range of sectors and markets and they have now launched a seperate online business producing online greetings cards on their new site:

Using their Indigo press with a range of selected artists they produce all the cards individually. As you would expect,  you can personalise the designs to include your own messages and names but there is also a degree of typographic freedom which other online card suppliers don't offer. 

Each week they have a featured artist and the image below is from the current featured artist, Joseph Shepherd

Now there are obviously the other card companies ( know, the spacepigs which advertise on the telly!) but for those that are a bit more design savvy, I think it's well worth having a look at Boss cards...

Posted by Justin Hobson 25.07.2011

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