Thursday, 10 November 2011

Westerham Press set to close

St Ives has announced the closure of the award-winning report and accounts and fine art printer St Ives Westerham Press (together with its Blackburn print site). Although it has been phrased as an "intention to close" (because of employment legislation) it is certain that it will close, thus marking an end to a sixty year history.

Westerham Press has been one of the most important offset litho sheet-fed printers in the UK, both from an innovation and quality point of view, since I have been involved in the industry. This move signals the further diversification of the St Ives group away from the core activity of printing.

The full article on Printweek is here:

Earlier in the year I wrote about the passing away of the founder of Westerham Press:

Sadly, there is little positive news in the print (or paper) industry at the moment.
Posted by Justin Hobson 10.11.2011

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