Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Last September I was contacted by Cornish based artist, Natasha Chambers. She produces and sells her own prints and she also makes a calendar every year.

Bywa - means “to be alive” in the ancient Cornish language of Kernewek and is also the name given to her series of limited edition prints. The calendar is to be a showcase of twelve of these prints and here it is....

The finished size of the calendar is 165x245mm. The text pages are on Flora Avorio 130gsm - for those that aren't familiar with it, Flora is a 50% recycled paper with natural deliberately visible inclusions and fibres and it works amazingly well with these beautiful artworks.

These are two interesting things to add about this job. Natasha showed me the calendar that she had done the previous year, which was a similar format but with just one "pin-hole" to hang on a nail. We discussed that this always looked a bit wrong and I suggested two holes with a "treasury tag" device but Natasha went one better and used the two holes with a lovely black ribbon, as below:
The other thing was that the cover is on our lovely Chagall, Fragola 260gsm (which is a strawberry coloured, feltmarked board) and the reason that Natasha chose it was because when I sent the samples, I wrote a note on a postcard that used the Fragola and she liked it so much, she used it!
It is a lovely calendar and it's well worth having a look at Natasha's website. The calendar was printed by Redruthian printer, Active Colour. Thanks to Natasha for sending me a file copy and a lovely note.
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