Friday, 20 January 2012

Cyril Mann - Tribute Exhibition

This is a beautiful invitation for London art gallery Piano Nobile, to the private view of the Tribute Exhibition of the work of Cyril Mann (1911-1980)

 It is a 6pp invitation 210x255mm. Cover pictured above, opening like so (below)
The inside open spread, below, shows some of the works which are either oil on canvas or oil on board.
 This pic shows the outer spread:
The invitation is printed on StarFine Natural White300gsm which is a very "neutral" white shade - in fact it hardly looks off white at all! Being so neutral means that the shde of the substrate neither warms the images up or in the case of a bright white material make them too stark and bright. It has a lovely look and feel.

At the same event another "Nobile Folio" which is the series published by Piano Nobile and Sylph Editions was also launched. Called "St Pauls from Moor Lane" it is printed on Omnia, but I'll write about that one another time!

This project is art directed and designed by Ornan Rotem at London based Sylph Editions with production by Num Stibbe. Print is by Principal Colour in Paddock Wood.
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