Monday, 16 January 2012

UCA Graphics 2011

This is a piece of literature produced for the BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 2011 course at UCA Farnham. The finished size is an oversize A5 size at 150x215mm size and is saddle stitched. The reason for the slightly larger size is because of the multi size/section approach, the (smallest) outer 16pp section being 130x185mm, the middle 16pp section being 200x140mm and the inner 32pp section being the full 150x215mm, so the stepped effect works like so...
The 64pp publication is a self cover piece printed on StarFine White 100gsm. It is printed in three special colours including a Fluorescent Orange. From a size/production and print point of view, it's made an interesting job and still quite economical to produce.

The Art Direction and book coordination is by Maria da Gandra who is a part time lecturer at UCA and also a partner in the design company MWM Creative.

Designers were Michal Polak, Giorgio del Buono and Alex Sokolov. Print is by Pureprint.
...and thanks to Maria for the file copies and the lovely note:
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