Wednesday, 14 March 2012

HP Indigo unveils B2

Hewlett Packard have announced that they will be launching a B2 format sheetfed, HP Indigo digital printing press this year.

The New HP Indigo 10000 model is just one model of the new 750mm-wide Indigo presses aimed at a range of sectors, including commercial print. The new press will be capable of printing up to seven-colours, and up to 4,600 sheets an hour.

Now why is this of interest to readers of this blog...?
Well, up until now, digital printing has been constrained by format - that is to say that the largest printable sheet was around an A3+ size. By and large this has been fine for the smaller run applications but causes a major problem with finishing/binding - because you can make only 4pp A4 sections. With the new format, 8pp A4 sections and A3 4pp sections are all possible, making larger format digitally printed books and brochures a reality.

This new machine/format really will change things....

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Posted by Justin Hobson 14.03.2012

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