Thursday, 22 March 2012

Miss Selfridge

...just the cover makes the difference!

Here's a job that is well worth a look, because of the way the cover is used to add to the quality and feel of the whole project.

This is the Autumn Winter lookbook for Miss Selfridge. The size of the job is A4 Portrait and is saddle stitched. What makes a particular difference to this piece of literature is the way in which Omnia 200gsm has been used for the cover to give it a more tactile engaging feel, but not just as a 4pp cover is the the cover and the first and last 2pp of text - so 8pp in total. The effect is very noticeable and because of the way the colour is printed accross the spread it works as an "endpaper" as you would find in a traditional casebound book. The text is on a house gloss coated sheet, as the budget dictated. The cover gives it a quality feel and keeps it miles away from the naff "glossy" brochures which are often produced for fashion companies - the cover sets the tone and feel for the whole publication:


Inside cover spread, printed in a turquoise special with pink fluorescent type:
Inside spread (l/h on Omnia- r/h on gloss):

Outside back cover:

Design is by Loretta Martinelli at Miss Selfridge. Print is by Screaming Colour.

...and thanks to Loretta for the file copies and the lovely note (and yes, the colour is amazing)...

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